Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules review.

Recently I was watching my brother in-law while his mother was out-of-town. While there I saw laying on the coffee table Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinnley. I had heard of the books and movie but never put much stock in them as a series. I have not ready many young-adult books in my life. I started with novels by Stephen King and kept to more adult books, even at a young age. I was bored however and didn’t feel like watching what ever was on the television at the time, so I picked it up since it was the only book in the house and began reading. After ten pages I only put it down once for a smoke break and finished it a few hours later.
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Entrepreneurs on social media sites.

A few months back, a friend began her own business from home. Since its creation she has been to many local events and hosted a few of her own. More recently I found out a family member did or has done this as well. It got me to thinking about the benefits to social media sites and how for small business owners it has helped them become succesful doing what they love. I have always done what I love, though at the disdain from others around me. I never saw a point in slaving away at a job that never made me happy and took time away from the things I love. Now that is not to say it was easy or that it is now, but I have had happiness in doing so. These two people took something they enjoyed doing and are making a living doing it. Isn’t that what many of us strive for? I remember growing up and knowing a lady who made jewelry from hand. She then set up a small table outside a store that allowed her to and sold her products. With the internet and so many social media sites it is welcome change to the old sidewalk sale day, though those are still nice as well.

In many ways the sidewalk sale or swap meets was social networking. You took your wares, set up shop and meet people with an interest in your items. This opened many doors in most cases and allowed you to take your simple table, to many people, simply by word of mouth. The old ways of sidewalk sales can still be seen today. They are a great way to meet people, talk about something you have a passion for and make money doing what you love.

I admire these people. They are in many ways the true spirit of the world. Doing what you love and love what you are doing. My hats off you to and may we all be as happy and fortunate in our endeavours.

I have included links if you would like to see there products. They are amazing and I simply love them.



How to create a digital picture frame, using your computer. Windows.

I have tried to make a video for this quit a few times, with little success. So I thought I would write a how to post. The holidays are here and in most cases this means lots of friends and family over. I have always like the digital picture frames but could not afford them. So I got to thinking of a way to make one myself. Others have written similar ways, so I thought I would post how I made one. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if it was easy to follow or anything else you would like to say.

To start there are two different ways to do this. The first is the easiest but not the best in my opinion.

First way:  Right click on your desktop and left click  proprieties. This will bring up you display properties menu.

Select screen saver.

From the drop down menu select my picture slide show or picture slide show.

If you don’t have pictures selected. Go to settings. Find pictures under my documents or documents. Click on the picture folder you wish to display.

Click okay. Then you have a screen saver picture slide show.

The down side to this is that if some one moves or bumps your mouse, the screen saver goes away.

The Second and I find better way of doing this is as follows.

There is a freeware program called kmplayer. This freeware player, plays movies and many media formats.

You can down load it from  http://filehippo.com/download_kmplayer/

After downloading and installing bring up your Windows Movie Maker. This is a tool that comes with windows. And can be found by going to start-all programs.

From here you can select in the side menu to import pictures.

Select the pictures you wish to use.

After they load simply click and drag them to the time line.

To add music follow the same steps.

Now that you have your pictures.  Click save to my computer and give it a name.

Now you have the option of saving best for playback on my computer or other options. For our purposes we will use the best for playback on  my computer.

After the movie is finished. You can save your project for future use or simply close the program.

So now we have out picture slide show. Next we will open the kmplayer.

Right click on the open file/s and select you movie.

Now that your movie is playing you can set it to full screen by selecting the box.

Now to make it a permanent part of the desktop you right-click again on the movie and select screen controls.

From there you select what is called desktop mode. Or by pressing shift and enter.

This allows the movie to be played on the desktop while you work. If you have desktop icons you could simply put them in a folder and restore them later.

To take it off desktop mode and close it, simply click the kmplayer icon in your taskbar by your clock.

Now you have a picture slide show, playing while friends and family are over for the holidays and it didn’t cost you a penny.

About this blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog. There are a lot and I mean lot of blogs on the internet these days. You have found your way here and are wondering why read this blog. Well let me tell you a little about what I am doing here and why you may want to stay and read it. I love writing and wanted a place to update what I am working on and find out what others are doing. I also wanted a place to write down thoughts and ideas and have others talk about there’s as well. The next thing is computers, I love them and find them to be a useful and almost needed tool in today’s world. With computers it could be talking about them, sharing new tech or even how to videos. This is a open blog in many ways, the more people contribute to the topic the more we have to talk about. So there is a little bit about what this blog is. Thank you and I hope to see you around.